My name is Temiloluwa Tayo-Tiwo and I am an Associate in the law firm of BA LAW LLP. I have being extremely blessed to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada. I have also completed a law degree with a Second-Class, Upper Division from the University of Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, England and also obtained a Masters’ Degree in International and Commercial Law, with a specialization in Oil and Gas Law from the University of Buckingham. I became a Member of the Nigerian Bar Association after been called to the Nigerian Bar in 2017.


I have been fortunate enough to grow up with the idea that law is the best career field you could choose to pursue. Growing up, my father, a lawyer himself, did not miss an opportunity to regale me of the nobility and dignity that comes with a career in law. In his words, “A lawyer is respected until the day he dies”. I have come to find that this is true.
However, despite that backdrop, the decision to be an Attorney was not a straightforward one. I originally pursued a career in medicine, with the aim of being a Medical Doctor. One day, I came across a video of Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Judge in the United States Supreme Court, giving a passionate closing argument to a jury, espousing all the very best virtues of the profession and it inspired me. From that moment on, my career path became clear. I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. It took a lot of hard work, and sacrifices to switch career paths the way I did, but I can honestly say that it has been the best decision I have made in my life. I wouldn’t want to be anything else.


I believe that Mentorship should be an essential part of the legal profession. Just going by the sheer volume of graduates of the Nigerian Law School each year, one can see that in the legal field there is a plethora of young lawyers trying to make their way in the profession. A lot of times, these lawyers, notwithstanding the zeal and desire to practice, find themselves lost or misguided in their approach to the law. Speaking from my own personal experience, I would be forever grateful to the Lawyers who guided me during my Youth Service programme. They showed me how the profession can be practiced and how to have fun doing so. I was always taught by them that “Now is the time to learn the law, learn every facet of it, once you do this, the real fun begins”. The mentorship I received in that stage of my career not only illuminated to me the rigors and demands of the profession, but also served as a springboard to being the lawyer I hope to become someday. There can be no doubt that mentorship is important for young lawyers and it is incumbent on us as lawyers to understand that it is our responsibility to guide the younger members of our profession and help them navigate this noble career path.


I am particularly excited about the future of the profession in this country. I believe that with the ever changing global technological landscape, more avenues and fields of practice will emerge and more opportunities would be created. The rise of Fintech, Intellectual Property and Tech law in general show that as lawyers, we must been willing to adapt with the times and embrace change. It is my hope that other areas of law such as Medical Law, Entertainment and Sports Law and many others would become widespread in the Country. For us to grow as a profession, we must not resist change. We must accept that evolution is inevitable and we must lead the charge to take our profession to even greater heights.


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