What is your most unforgettable Court experience?

My most unforgettable Court experience was when I appeared before Hon. Candide-Johnson and I was instructed to Move a Motion on Notice to strike out the name of a Client in a Suit. I was a fresh Wig, I had just joined the Firm and I was appearing before Hon. Candide-Jonhson for the first time. For those who don’t know, Hon. Candide-Johnson is a stern Judge who expects lawyers to always be on their A-game.

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I had read my file and I was certain I understood the matter. Before my matter was called, I had witnessed how other matters had been conducted by My Lord and that had left me a bit jittery.

My matter was called, and I announced my appearance. As is the practice of My Lord, he asked what the business of the day was. I immediately informed my Lord that I had an Application pending and which was slated for hearing.

At that point, the Court looked at me sternly and asked me in an angry tone why I had filed such an application. I didn’t know how to answer such a question and I started to stammer as I racked my brain for what will seem to be the most suitable answer to the question. The Court went further to state that on the last day the matter came up, he had raised an issue suo motto as to whether or not the Court can hear the matter and parties are to file only Written Addresses on same but instead we filed a Motion to strike out the names of parties.

I had no idea what was going on because the Motion was filed way before I joined the Firm so I just kept fumbling and stammering with my answers. After about 15 mins of relentless grilling from my lord, he asked if I was related to the late Justice Apara which I confirmed to him. Upon hearing this, My Lord’s mood suddenly changed and he calmly asked me what I wanted and he would grant it. I immediately asked for an adjournment (as a sharp boy that I thought I was). It was the longest 15 mins of my life. Looking back now I should have asked that the Motion be granted, but, oh well

How do you deal with stress at work?

In ligation practice, I think stress is a way of life. However, I try to manage stress at work by taking a walk around the office or I try to engage in discussions which do not pertain to the current work or challenge I’m faced with at the time. Most times the discussions also pertain to other areas of law and practice.

What is your most challenging role as Deputy Head of Chambers?

The most challenging role as the DHOC is to see myself as Management and having to act the part. It is never easy to be responsible for other people but is a role I’m grateful for and ready to take on.

What unique fact about you that not everyone knows?

One unique fact about me that not everyone knows is that I love cartoons. Loved it as a kid and I still like watching cartoons when I have the chance to do so.

If you could specialize in an area of law, what area could it be?

I have always had a soft spot for Land law and corporate Commercial practice. I am currently trying to specialize in these areas.

What is your pet peeve?

I can’t stand irresponsibility of any sort and people who chew loudly.

What has been the most challenging case you have worked on in BA LAW

Hmm, I will say the most challenging case I have worked on in BA LAW LLP is the DTV Matters.

You are not only the DHOC, but you’re also a partner, please tell us how you have been combining that and how it how much of a responsibility it has been on you?

Combining my role as Partner and DHOC has been smooth because they are both Management positions. Obviously, I consider myself a work in progress in both roles and I am always ready for new challenges.

Who is Akin Apara when the law is not concerned?

Akin Apara when the law is not concerned is all vibes. Like I said earlier, I like happy places and happy vibes so I try to situate myself in such places. Please note that I take my pleasures seriously.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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